Chef Has Gleaming New Kitchen

May 11, 1961History

From the Cariboo Observer

Head chef at the newly-finished Billy Barker Inn is Peter Kiniforos, who has been in Canada for the past five years. He started hi career as a chef in his native Greece and has capably filled that position at the Simon Fraser Hotel in Prince George before coming to Quesnel.

Centre of his domain is the fabulous kitchen which would delight any housewife. Every conceivable aid to modern cookery has been installed in this immaculate and shining room. With effortless ease any concoction may be whipped up because of the circular floor plan for equipment.

A tour of this meticulous cooking paradise will give you an idea of the benefits to be obtained when skilled master craftsmen design and co-ordinate the many unthought-of details enabling meals to be served with speed but still turned out to please the choosiest of gourmets.

Close to both the dining room and coffee bar is the stainless steel sandwich maker which keeps all of the varied ingredients for making sandwiches at a cool temperature. Each variety of filling is kept in its own stainless steel bin. In front of this closed container is a six-foot-long hardwood cutting board on which sandwiches of all kinds may be turned out speedily and deliciously. A through counter above gives access to the diners. The counter is heated both above and below so that the finished meal will arrive at the table hot even though the waitress may be a few minutes late with the serving.


A special soup warmer has been installed so there will be no danger of cold or cool soup being served. Next in line is the stainless steel steam table, with separate containers for roasts and an electric meat slicer.

In front of a huge walk-in freezer are meat blocks and hanging fro above hooks, which will hold the many choice meats, to facilitate cutting and storage before freezing or cooking. A slicer and many sharp knives are ready for instant use, no loss of steps being necessary. An automatic potato peeler adds to the speed of preparation.

A large stockroom holds all non-perishable items: jars of catsup, bottles of sauces, all kinds of dried foods. The pastry department is an island in itself, containing everything to make mouth-watering pies and pastries.

All in line are the gas steak broiler, double deep fryers and the range, which is equipped with a large griddle, spacious ovens and individual burners. Fascinating is the latest model of automatic dishwasher which cleans and sterilizes in minutes.