Attention to Details

May 11, 1961History

From the Cariboo Observer

Quiet and exclusive is the atmosphere in the superlative dining room at the Billy Barker Inn. Muted music is wafted to the diners through the use of a tape recorder in the main office. Now open for business, the facilities of the dining room will accommodate approximately 50 with extra room for expansion if necessary. Specialty of the Inn will be steaks of all kinds and to fit all purses. Business and social luncheons and dinners will be given special attention. Hours for both the Coffee Bar and Dining Room will be from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Material-conscious decorators have provided gleaming white table cloths against a background of drapery covered wall. Each table is provided with its own pastel colored ever-burning, candle-holder, lavender, pink, pale green, blue and yellow.

The tables are laid with the best of stainless sliver and chinaware. Chef Peter Nikiforos will cater to the tastes and requests of all customers and satisfaction is assured. In the background is Myra Byman in her flamingo pink uniform awaiting the first customers.


Kroehler Furniture Is Hotel Feature

All furniture for the bedrooms and lobby of the Billy Barker Inn has been made to order by the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, Kroehler. Specially designed by this firm for commercial use, the furniture features solid eastern hardwood construction, as in their other lines of furniture.

Night tables, dressers, end tables and other articles are equipped with fiberesin tops. This amazing finish is almost indestructible, repelling all stains and marks. It’s glossy surface is particularly easy to clean and has a spic and span appearance at all times.

Hoover Vacuums Are Deemed Best

In order to protect their investment in beautiful carpeting, which is laid throughout the Billy Barker Inn, the owners have selected Hoover upright vacuum cleaners.

They consider these are the only machines with the ability to remove deeply embedded sand and grit which is so damaging to any type of carpet.